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Keep hold of that Summer vibe ~ New tutorial comng soon!

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

Here’s a really cute little project which you can adapt completely using your own reference photos. As ever, don’t worry, if you’re not quite ready to go solo, you can always follow along with me and use the same photo resources too!

If you attend one of my in-person classes, this will be our first project for when we return for Autumn term on the 14th/15th September!

In this ‘Holiday Snaps’ project, I will show you six different paintings which use a range of subjects and techniques. You can choose to paint just the ones you would like to try or if you have more time you could paint all six!

The idea of this project is to create a painted version of your holiday snaps, which is why we are going to paint them quite small, using the Polaroid photo format! Once complete, you can even choose to cut out each ‘photo’ and display one (or all of them) in a frame, or album. Alternatively you could change the format to a postcard shape and send one to a buddy!

Each watercolour scene has been created so it is quick to paint (all aiming to be under 30 minutes) using mainly direct brush (so it mimics the techniques you might use if you were painting these ‘en plein air’ whilst out and about on holiday!).

I have also selected a reduced palette of 12 colours, which will encourage you to simplify your paintings and to mix your own combinations.

If you would like to find out a little bit more about this new project, take a look at the teaser below.

Happy Holiday Painting!

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1 Comment

They are gorgeous! You make it look so easy!🤣

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