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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I can’t draw?

If you can write your name ~ you CAN draw! You might just not be able to draw as well as you want to. I would encourage you to practice drawing if you can. BUT - the good news is: you don’t have to! Instead, you can use the line drawing provided with each online watercolour lesson and trace this onto your paper.

What if it turns out wrong?

Wrong is great! You will learn far more by going wrong than you will by doing it right! We all get things wrong – EVERYONE – even those with lots of experience like me. It is learning from your mistake which makes you a better artist. Learning how to get yourself out of a painting accident shows you how to find creative solutions. Remember: it’s not a mistake ~ it’s a learning opportunity!

Isn’t watercolour painting the hardest to do?

Lots of people believe watercolour is the hardest painting medium. This is probably because it’s just a wee bit harder to cover up any mistakes. Unlike Acrylic or Oil paint (where you can scrape parts off and paint over any mistakes) with watercolour the paint becomes one with the paper as it seeps into the surface. It is also transparent so you will see other paint underneath. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t change and correct errors! As part of the classes at Tracey Bengeyfield Art you will learn how to remedy any problems. You will learn how to ‘lift out’ colour (remove it from the paper) and how to disguise areas or use a body colour (opaque paint). Within the classes you will use the very same techniques not only to correct mistakes but to add interest and detail to your paintings!

What if I change my mind about the course?

Firstly, I hope you don’t! But before you commit to classes (whether online or physical classes) I would encourage you to try out the free ‘Watercolour Basics’ tutorials and have a go at the free online lesson. This way you can see if watercolour painting is for you.

If you sign up to any course you will have the right to cancel within 7 days for a full refund. Please note that by cancelling your class, you will remove your access to the Online Watercolour School and members area of the Tracey Bengeyfield Art website. If you attend physical classes I would encourage you to enroll for the minimum six week period with the option to extend your place to a full term. See Terms & Conditions for more detail.

What happens when I arrive at my first physical lesson?

It can be a little daunting turning up to a new class and feeling like it's your first day of big school! Don't worry, you've already done the hardest part, just by turning up! I would suggest you give yourself plenty of time to find the venue and try to arrive a few minutes before the start of class. I will be there to welcome you! Usually most students start with a cup of tea and I would encourage you to do the same ~ there's nothing that can't be fixed with a cuppa! I will show you where to sit and introduce you to anyone who sits near you, then I will give you a little bit of paperwork to look through (having something to look at while your waiting is always useful!). Once everyone has arrived I will introduce you and the rest of the class and then your watercolour journey will begin!

What if I’m the worst one in the class?

It’s not a competition! Everyone at some point has seen another person’s painting and though it is better than theirs – EVERYONE even professional artists. Just because you might like another person’s painting more than yours, it doesn’t make yours worse than theirs. We are all far too critical of our own work and we see the mistakes where others don’t. If you see something you like in another person’s painting, work out what they did differently. Is it their colour palette? Their composition? Their use of detail (or lack of it), Their use of value (light&dark)? Once you’ve put your finger on what it is, you can use this knowledge to move your work closer to what your were imagining. Remember ~ your painting is a journey to learning a new skill ~ one that will allow you to practice technique and become a better painter. Still too shy? Try a few of the practice exercises and learn some basic techniques with my Online Watercolour School first or sign up to one of the packages that are available. Learn the basics first and build your confidence!

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