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In-Person Classes

Are you ready to start your watercolour adventure?

Learn to paint using the beautiful medium of watercolour. Discover how to create luminous and translucent colour and bring your paintings to life.​ Watercolour painting is a fantastic and relatively inexpensive gateway into a whole world of creativity. You only need a few pieces of basic equipment to get started and you’re ready!  

This class is for you if :

Tracey says, "Perfect if you find it hard to make time painting at home as there’s always something else needs doing!"
  • You are a beginner or intermediate painter

  •  You like to have 1:1 tutor support & feedback
  • You like to meet and socialize with new people
  • You enjoy a structured way of learning
  • You enjoy new painting challenges (every fortnight)
  • You like to keep to a regular time slot each week
  • You like to have a separate environment for painting without the distractions at home
  • You want to brush up on your drawing skills too (students can draw freehand or use an outline drawing)
  • Like to work more independently within the fortnightly subject theme (you can use your own photograph related to the topic)
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Hi! If you would like to find out a little more about me ~ just click the button! Don't forget you can also keep up to date with what I'm up to if you check out the blog or if you're a fan of Instagram you can see all the latest news and stories there!

Still Life

Still Life

Find the beauty in the every day

The Engineered World

The Engineered World

Learn to describe the textures and surfaces of the man-made world



Capture the serenity and beauty of the plant world



Recreate the beauty of the built environment



Paint using mixed media to create different styles

Artist Master Class

Artist Master Class

Explore the work of other artists to broaden your knowledge



Simplify and alter your work to create stunning abstracts



Recreate the beauty of nature in the world around you

Animal Kingdom

Animal Kingdom

Capture the personality and beauty of our animal friends

​What will I paint?
At Tracey Bengeyfield Art you have the opportunity to study a wide variety of subject themes, in which you will learn to use a broad range of techniques. On some occasions you will also add other media to you watercolour. This could include ink, pastel, tissue paper, colour pencils or graphite. Each different type of media will bring something new to your work and will help you to stay motivated and give you ideas on how to develop your own style. The best thing about In-Person classes is that you get 1:1 tuition in class, PLUS (once class fees are paid), you can also use the accompanying videos (relating to your course) too. Unlike the Online Watercolour School you will still be able to access your paid content ~ even if you no longer attend.

Why should I choose watercolour classes with Tracey Bengeyfield Art?

​Some watercolour tutors are professional artists who also teach, the difference at Tracey Bengeyfield Art is that your tutor is a trained, professional teacher who also happens to be an artist.

You might think that the difference is just semantics! However, being trained to teach gives the ability to understand how people learn. It gives the knowledge of how to break down a task into accessible, achievable tasks ~ making the final outcome more attainable. I gained my Post Graduate Certificate in Education back in 1999 and have been teaching art ever since!


Trained teachers also have the ability to adapt their knowledge to make it easier for you to understand something, no matter what type of learner you are. You may not know this, but there are many different types of learners! Some people will find it easier to learn by listening to instruction, some by reading instructions, others by watching a demonstration and some by just having a go themselves (there are others too). Hopefully at Tracey Bengeyfield Art you will find the right combination of teaching and learning that suits you.

So what's included?

  • 1:1 tuition

  • live demonstrations in class

  • tutor feedback

  • a reference photograph to use in class

  • a step-by-step worksheet to keep

  • free tea & coffee

Plus online access to:

  • a PDF line drawing

  • a copy of the finished painting

  • real time videos

  • the members' forum

Get involved!

All class members also get access to the forum. This is a friendly, welcoming area where you can share your work and see what others have been up to. Being part of this online community  brings an extra dimension to the classes ~ so you won't just learn from me, but from the other members too!

Accompanying materials

Once enroled in class you will be encouraged to become a website member too. This means you will be able to access the accompanying materials. In class you will be provided with a Step-By-Step Worksheet (for you to keep) and a photo reference (which is returned at the end of each lesson). You can access your own copies of these documents through your website membership, plus the outline drawing (if you need it), a copy of the final painting and access to the real time videos.

Give me the details! Times, Dates, fees etc

If you’re not sure that you have the time to commit to two hours every week, why not think about joining my  Online Watercolour School, where you can learn at your own pace. Find out more by clicking the button.

Try my free online taster lesson!

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