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Autumn is here!

It was the official start of Autumn last week in the UK, so there really is no better time to try out this new watercolour project! These cute little harvest mice are perfect if you want to develop your fine brush skills and mark-making. It will also allow you to build confidence when mixing and using a range of lighter values to develop the illusion of form.

For the poppy seed heads I have opted to use the Derwent Graphitint colours, which have a range of muted tones which are just perfect for this subject! Don't worry, if you don't own any of these, I have given you some watercolour alternatives on the back of the accompanying worksheet!

If this project has sparked your interest ~ take a quick look at the teaser video to find out more!

If you are getting into the Autumn vibe, but mice aren't your thing, then there are some other projects which might whet your appetite!

If landscapes are more your thing, why not try out the Bandstand Project.

Or perhaps the Lake District Landscape.

Alternatively, you might like to try out this lovely autumnal wreath, which uses lots of different elements which you can bring together to form your own version using direct painting.

Don't forget ~ if you try one of these Autumnal projects to share your achievements on the forum!

Happy Painting!

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