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Books I Love ~ DIY Watercolor Christmas by Ingrid Sanches

If you’ve not yet given Santa your Christmas list there might still be time to get this lovely stocking filler! But if you’re a little late to the party - you could still buy it for yourself (even better if you were lucky enough to receive a little Christmas cash) - after all a book is for life not just for Christmas!!

If you’re a fan of direct painting (drawing with your paintbrush to build up shapes) then you won’t go far wrong with this beautiful book.

From the title you can probably guess that it has a very festive theme - but even if you’re not into Christmas or if you don’t celebrate Christmas there is still a lot in here which can be adapted for all year round watercolour fun!

Take a look at the quick flick through video below to get an idea of what this beautiful book has to offer.

In this soft covered book, Ingrid first takes you through some basic watercolour techniques looking at mark-making and the key equipment needed to recreate her projects. This is particularly great if you’re a watercolour beginner as it encourages the reader to play and experiment to build skills and confidence.

Throughout the book, Ingrid shares a lot of her favourite techniques including using resist and layering, which, when used together gives her work a beautiful, vibrant, energetic feel.

Within the 125 pages you will find 13 step-by-step tutorials including how to create your own Christmas cards, a winter landscape, a decorative wreath, some winter animals, plus some lovely DIY Christmas decorations including make your own crackers and baubles!

Ingrid Sanchez is a UK based artist and has a great online presence (you can follow her on Instagram @creativeingrid) where shares many fantastic process videos. If you enjoy watercolour painting and crafting, this book brings the two together in perfect harmony.

Published by: David & Charles

ISBN-13: 9781446308448

Size: 25.5x21.5cm

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Debbie L.
Debbie L.
Dec 17, 2022

Just got my book - thanks for the tip it’s really great 👍


Debbie L.
Debbie L.
Dec 17, 2022

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