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New Tutorial ~ Summer Daisies!

This project is coming to you a little bit earlier than planned as I am officially away from work for a fortnight ~ sadly that means you will have to a wait a wee bit longer than usual until the first official Autumn Term project is released.

In the meantime get your brushes, sponge, masking fluid and wax ready for this lively Summer scene!

In this new painting project you can decide on your finished format, so feel free to work to any size, shape or scale!

In the worksheets I will show you how to use a range of techniques to create a regular portrait composition, and in the videos I will show you how you can translate these techniques into a lovely circular format.

This painting is all about layering and reserving colour. It uses a lot of fab techniques, so even if you’re not into painting flowers it’s definitely worth a try as you can be quite free with your brushes. This one is great for beginners as you will get the chance to try out many of the basic watercolour techniques without the pressure of worrying about lots of delicate brushwork.

Take a look at the teaser video to find out more!

To begin, you will just need to draw the daisy flower heads (everything else will be created with paint!) You will use masking fluid as a resist to reserve the white of the paper for both the daisies and the Cow Parsley/Queen Anne’s Lace. Then you can liberally apply multiple green hues onto wet to build up your colour.

Once dry, you will again use masking fluid to reserve some of the first layer of colour to create stems and details. A little trick with a clear, wax candle will add even more texture to your grasses too!

To finish, you will get the chance to use direct brush to build up movement in your grasses and even add a bit of spatter.

For the flowers you will use both sponging techniques and your brushes to build form using a range of values.

Happy Painting!

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