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Once, Twice, Three Times a Charm!

In this new watercolour project you can paint as many of these gorgeous little Zebra Finch as desired. They are native to Australia and Indonesia often living in flocks of over 100 birds! So feel free to pick a number anywhere between 1-100 and get painting!

I first discovered these cute little birds on a visit to the home of a family friend way back when I was still in Primary School. I can still recall their funny peeps and beeps as they all chattered to each other. Zebra Finch still remain popular in the pet trade and are actually one of the most widely kept and studied species. So we will be in good company when we study them in our next painting project!

When I'm planning the projects for the watercolour school, I like to think of different opportunities where I can encourage you to adapt my ideas and make your own creative decisions. This means that you will gain more confidence when planning your own ideas and you can produce work which is more individual to you.

With this in mind, in this project, you can select not only the number of birds you would like to paint but also which poses you would like. Once this has been decided you can consider how you would like your birds positioned and grouped on your paper.

This project is also great if you're a beginner as you will get the chance to use a number of basic watercolour techniques. It's also great if you're a bit short on time, as each little finch takes under an hour to paint. To speed things up even more you can also paint all of your birds simultaneously by painting all the beaks one after the other, then all of the cheeks one after the other and then all of the sides etc.

To find out more about this project, take a look at the short video below.

I hope you enjoy painting these cheeky little chappies ~ they have a big personality for such a small bird!

Once you have painted these, why not use the same techniques and try your hand at painting some of the small native birds in your own garden. I would love to see how you get on!

Happy Painting!

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