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Wee Watercolour ~ Fun Fruit & Vegimation!

Just in time for the summer holidays! This new 'wee' watercolour will give you the chance to use your imagination and have fun ~ whether or not you are wee in size, age or watercolour experience!

This little freebie project is an ideal way to spend some time getting creative ~ whether it is with the children, grandchildren or just yourself! It's a great way to discover how to turn a real life object into a simplified illustration, graphic shape or even a cartoon character.

I will show you a number of ideas you can try out ~ or alternatively why not pick your favourite food and create your own ideas.

To begin I will show you how to create a basic illustration from a line drawing ~ this could be interpreted into an illustration for a card, bookmark, wrapping paper, textile design or packaging illustration.

In the next stage you can take this idea even further and create your own character. I have included a number of different facial expressions, and accessories which you can mix & match to develop your veggie characters. You can even make up more of your own and perhaps create characters that look like friends or family members and turn these into special cards!

Lastly, if you're a fan of animation, I'll show you a very simple technique using your phone and the Stop-Motion technique to bring your character to life!

If you're on holiday and the weather is a bit drab this would make a fab activity to spend time together with the children or grandchildren ~ but remember even if you're not wee there are lots of learning opportunities in this project ~ even if you only try out the illustration part.

To find out more take a look at the short video below.

I would love to see what ideas you come up with ~ so don't forget to share them on the forum!

Happy Painting!

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