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Taster Video

Are you ready to start your watercolour journey?

If I've whetted your appetite for watercolour but you're still not sure... why not have a look at my free taster video!
In this video you actually get two demonstrations for the price of one!
In this lesson you will discover how to paint rustic buildings using just three colours!
Whilst you watch the video you will see a number of different techniques that watercolourists use within their work. This includes: how to transfer an image onto paper, how to select and mix colours, how to mix colour physically on the paper, how to work using dry-brush, how to add textures and how to use pen to enhance your painting!
Door Painting
Window Painting Pt1
Window Painting Pt2
Accompanying Materials
Click the PDF icon to download the photos and worksheet







Step-by-Step Worksheet

Hopefully you will see that each video gives you a good insight into some of the basic techniques used by watercolourists and how the online lessons will appear when you sign up to the Online Watercolour School. Each video is made to give you a bite-size demonstration which you can pause, rewind and play again until you have practised the techniques shown. When you're ready, just move onto the next video to see how you can continue the painting through to completion.
Enjoyed the taster video?
Find out more about my Online Watercolour School here!
 Can't wait to get started on your watercolour journey?
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