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 Fundraising for the Ukraine

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Ukraine Appeal

Like so many people in the UK, I am horrified at the atrocities that are happening in the Ukraine. My heart goes out to all the people who are suffering during this terrible war. At times like these, as an artist you often feel helpless, and that your work cannot help those who are homeless or in pain and that what you do is trivialin comparison. This has weighed heavy on my heart and I have been thinking of ways in which I can make some small difference. This image, which was originally painted for the online watercolour school, came to mind  I think the heart of the subject encapsulates the greatness of the human spirit.

Why the snowdrop Fairy?

Did you know that in Victorian times it was popular to use flowers to create arrangements with symbolic meaning? Each flower in a bouquet would combine to convey a special message. 

Little books called ‘The Language of Flowers’ were popular at the time as they catalogued the flowers and their meanings. Rather aptly, under the heading ‘Hope’ comes the Snowdrop. This tiny flower is often the first to bravely raise its head above the cold winter ground and whisper a promise of new life to come. It is easy to see why it was considered a symbol of hope.

In purchasing this print you will be supporting the people of the Ukraine and in some small way giving them hope.

To find out how much money has been raised by the sale of these prints, please check the progress here and on my Instagram.

Thank you.

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