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OnlineWatercolour School

Welcome to Tracey Bengeyfield Art.  If you have a passion for all things

watercolour, why not take five minutes to make a cuppa, pull up a chair and

indulge in a little 'me' time.


At Tracey Bengeyfield Art you can discover more about this beautiful painting

medium and perhaps even start your own watercolour adventure.


Have you always wanted to learn how to paint, but you're just not sure where to start?

Well you've reached the right place! With Tracey Bengeyfield Art you can learn the key watercolour basics that underpin every painting. I will also help you to discover new ideas and techniques, whilst your confidence and skills grow.

Do you already love watercolour but have lost your mojo?

Try joining a class to give yourself new themes to study that might just spark your next watercolour creation!​​

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Want to find out more?

Watercolour is such a versatile medium ~ it can be soft and ethereal or punchy and full of vitality.

It's this quality that keeps me experimenting and learning every day!  I hope that through my classes, you too will enjoy learning and creating in a relaxed, friendly environment. I believe that even if you find painting a challenge, you will improve within a well-structured and creative course ~  just embrace and enjoy the process.

If you're interested in learning how to paint with watercolour, why not go for it and join one of my classes! There really are options for everyone!
  • You could choose to just dip your toe and sign up to the free membership option with the Online Watercolour School. Free Members have the chance to try out a handful of different watercolour projects for absolutely nothing (all you need to do is request membership)!

  • If you just can't wait to get started and you would like access to all of the projects and course materials you can go ahead and subscribeSubscriptions start from under £10 a month (applies to annual).

  • Alternatively, if you're in the neighbourhood, you're welcome to come along to one of my In-Person Classes and meet me and like-minded students in person! Contact me to find out about availability.


In-Person Classes

Find out more about the watercolour classes I offer


Online Classes

FInd out how to get started with the Online Watercolour School

Student Gallery

Try my free online taster lesson!

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