I have loved drawing and creating for as long as I can remember ~ the thrill of putting pen, pencil or brush to paper is something which remains with me. Art is ever changing and always suprising ~ every day is different and holds a new opportunity! I feel really lucky to be able to do what I love and pass that love of all things creative onto others.


Watercolour painting is my first love and although I had dabbled with it as I was growing up, I only really got a true passion for it when I started teaching it! Watercolour is such a beautiful medium ~ it can be soft and etheral or punchy and full of vitality. It is this quality that keeps me experimenting and learning everyday ~ and it probably will do until all my senses fail me!

After graduating I worked in a Graphic design studio until answering the call of teaching. In 1999 I graduated from Brighton University with a  PGCE and began teaching Art and Graphics in a Secondary school.


In 2012 I decided that a new challenge was needed and started my own business teaching watercolour and drawing to adults. During the past six years I have grown my classes  from one to four a week and have also found time to indulge my passion for wildlife painting.

If you love animals and nature, or if you know someone who does ~ then this site is for you! Most people have a fondness for one particular animal, be it a majestic barn owl, a cheeky squirrel or an adorable hedgehog. Wildlife paintings are available as prints or why not buy a mug, teatowel or cushion and team it up with a matching card to make a fantastic gift!

Many have commented on my diverse subject matter and style of painting. This is all down to the fact that as a teacher, I try to give my students a broad understanding of styles, techniques and subject matter so that they too can experiment and find their own style. In my gallery you will see two different sides to my painting ~ pieces I have taught and pieces that I paint just for me.

The work I like to create (outside the classroom) is usually rooted in wildlife and nature. There is something about nature that is so inspiring. Much of my work at the moment is focussed on animals, and in particular our native species. I really enjoy the challenge of capturing the expression and spirit of an animal.

In 2017 I created my 'British Wildlife Collection' and went on to develop calendars, cards and small gift items such as tote bags and lavender bags. This year I have been working on my 'British Garden Birds Collection' and have developed these into cards, alongside some homeware accessories. Despite the fact that i'm still developing more ideas for my British Bird Collection ~ i'm already thinking about what comes next!

​​If you would like to give watercolour painting or drawing a go, why not find out more at my sister site Welcome to the Drawing Room ~ go on, unleash your creativity!

Tracey Bengeyfield BA(Hons)

- Watercolourist - 

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