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A little something extra for Christmas

Updated: Aug 11, 2022

The holidays are almost upon us at Tracey Bengeyfield Art. 2020 has been a very strange year... in some ways it has been like groundhog day, as I make my way every morning into my little studio, open my paintbox and start to paint (with no physical classes to perforate the week with friendly faces, cups of tea and chit chat). Despite this, the year seems to have flown by regardless and I'm already preparing for 2021 classes! I can't tell you how much I appreciate every one of you that has braved the technology and come along with me on this journey into the unknown! I'm amazed at how well you have adapted and joined in enthusiastically with the classes as they moved online, whether or not you were feeling up to the weekly Skype calls! For those of you who managed the Skype, it has been lovely to see so many of your faces (albeit through the glitches and twitches) on our weekly calls and although it has not been quite the same, I have loved seeing you and I hope it has helped to bring some kind of normality to your week.

This year has also seen the transition of Welcome to the Drawing Room to Tracey Bengeyfield Art and the new website. I think one of my favourite aspects of the new website is that it now gives all of the members a chance to keep in touch via the forum and the opportunity to share your amazing work. I hope that those of you who have already tried it out, continue to help it to grow and evolve as time goes on. 2020 has also given me a chance to develop the business further by creating a separate online watercolour school (even though this seems to have taken much longer than I expected). I'm hoping that 2021 will bring a whole new influx of watercolour newbies, dabblers and enthusiasts to the subscription course.

To further the watercolour experience for all members, I'm hoping to boost the available painting content by posting quick 'how to's' and ideas here on the blog just as a little extra! On that note, here's something for Christmas! A little painting of a snow globe featuring my labradoodle. Why not have a go yourself, and if you have a pet, swap Studio Dog for your own furry companion! It would make a great card to send out to friends who are animal lovers too! Enjoy, and have a safe, and Happy Christmas wherever you may be! xx


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