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Anyone for Tea?

Updated: Aug 11, 2022

Sadly not invite to mine for a cuppa but instead something to keep you occupied during half term! Hopefully you will be joining in with second half of Spring term - if so it's time to get yourself prepared! You will need to be collecting a range of different paper based materials that you could use as part of a collage. This could be things like newspaper, old envelopes, packing paper (my Amazon orders seem to be full of the stuff!), old pages from a scruffy old book (please do not destroy one for this purpose though!), sugar paper or even tea-stained paper! You can use anything as long as it has not got a shiny surface as the paint will not be absorbed.

Thought I would post you a little video about the latter! You can use any hot beverage but just be aware that whatever you use, your paper will smell of it! Here you can see me experimenting with two different teabags! The round one is my usual cuppa - regular caffeine free Tetley and the square one is a mint tea which leaves the paper with a lovely fresh minty aroma - bonus!

As you will see from the two teabags, there is a slight colour difference. I think the regular teabag is more like Burnt Sienna and the mint teabag (disappointingly not green) is more like Umber (a colour we will be using in our Oxford collage). Why not have a go with a fruit tea or green tea - I would love to see the results !

Remember you don't have to do this - it's just for fun - you could decide to use just one type of paper for this project so don't worry if you can't find lots of different sources of paper.

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