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Belgravia Shop Front Illustration

Great news! If you enjoy drawing and love a wee bit of architecture, then this will be right up your street (excuse the pun!).

In this painting we will be creating an illustration style, using permanent pen for our drawing and painting mainly onto dry using simplified colour. The painting process for this project is quite simple (a bit like colouring in!), however it is the drawing aspect which will be more of a challenge, which is why I have given this project 1 paintbrush for ease of technique and 3 paintbrushes for time! Remember ~ if you're short on time you can just paint the shop without that brickwork!

I chose this shop as I just adore the colour fruit and vegetable baskets. Feel free to jazz up this section and add your favourite shapes and colours into any of the baskets. Remember to add a darker colour behind the coloured shapes to really make the colours contrast.

I really love this style as it is so versatile. Once you’ve learned the basic techniques you can apply them to your own ideas. You might like to recreate your favourite restaurant, or perhaps your local pub! You could even commemorate your first home (or all of them!), the place you were married or perhaps a favourite holiday.

This architectural portrait would also make a fantastic wedding, birthday or anniversary gift for loved ones too! You could recreate where a couple first met, had their first kiss, got married or even where they spent their honeymoon - there are endless opportunities to create a commemorative architectural portrait.

Take a look at the short video to find out more about this project.

Remember this is your painting - so if you’re not into drawing lots of brickwork (or indeed masking it too) and it all looks a bit too daunting, then feel free to leave out this section and concentrate just on the shop.

If you fancy giving this one a try, make sure you look at the introduction video first, where I give you guidance on where to start, along with some hints and tips about the ink drawing.

I really hope you enjoy this one and I look forward to seeing some on the forum!

Happy painting!

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