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Books I love ~ Marc Folly, Works on Paper 2

Updated: Aug 11, 2022

If you are a follower of Tracey Bengeyfield Art on the Instagram app you might already have seen my 'Hi-lights' section on 'Books I love!'

Unfortunately, the Instagram feed on the website currently only shares posts rather than 'Reels' (short videos) or 'Stories' (little hi-lights of info) so I thought I would share a little more information about each book on the blog, just in case you have missed this feature and love art books as much as I do!

In this post you can see the work of French watercolour artist Marc Folly. He is an artist that I recently discovered on my Instagram feed and I immediately fell in love with his style. His subjects range from landscapes to the everyday ordinary.

Whatever the subject matter, his paintings are a masterclass on how to capture light. Working in a variety of techniques, including pouring, layering, spattering and negative painting, he is able to build loose layers, which he skillfully sculpts using hard edges to bring his subject into focus. This combination of the softly merging lost edges and contrasting, hard, found edges gives his work a beautiful, etheral atmosphere. This is enhanced by his careful selection of granulating colour and use of values. Quite often you can find beautiful rich, earth colours combined with flashes of jewel-like Pink and Turquoise. One of my favourite combinations is the deep Sepia and rich Burnt Sienna hues teamed with teal and soft blue hues.

As you can see from the video, this is not an instructional 'how to' book, but is more like a catalogue of his works. There is very little written word (my kind of book!), but of what little there is, it is in French and also translated into English. The book is a square format and consists of 122 pages, the majority of which have large, full colour illustrations of his work. ISBN 69: 978-2-9568107-0-4

To find a copy of his book (along with others by the artist) you can visit his website.

The price is in Euros but is converted to Pounds Sterling when purchasing in the UK.

The book is a wee bit more pricey than I might normally pay but it is absolutely packed with images of his work and in that respect I think it is excellent value for money. This is the kind of book you can keep coming back to ~ each time discovering new and exciting ideas.

Note: This is an independent review which has not been sponsered in any way and the views expressed in this post are entirely my own. It is written with the soul purpose of sharing my love of watercolour and the discovery of amazing talent!

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