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Books I love ~ Watercolour Studio

This book is the very first watercolour book that I owned, which is why it has made it onto the list of 'Books I love!' Sadly, as it's an older book, it's not currently available in the shops to buy ~ but you never know - you might find a second hand copy somewhere should you wish to look for one!

This book is very dear to me as it was given to me by a friend of the family when it was first published in 1993! It came to me second-hand (without, what I assume would have been some starter watercolour paints and a brush!). Despite the lack of equipment to actually try watercolour painting for myself I loved looking at the step-by-step projects!

Over the years I have kept returning to this book trying to work out who was the artist behind the step-by-step paintings. A number of artists are featured in the introduction of the book, one of which is Ian Sidaway RI.

From looking at the named examples in the introduction of the book and by comparing the style and use of colour, I came to the conclusion some years ago that the step-by-step articles were also his work. This was recently confirmed to my by Mr Sidaway himself whom I follow on Instagram!

This is the first time that I had seen the work of Ian Sidaway and I immediately fell in love with his style and use of colour. I'm not sure if it was because he uses a strong graphic style (having trained as a Graphic Designer myself, perhaps I felt an affinity as I believe Sidaway also worked in Graphic Design before becomming a full time artist) or perhaps it was his exquisite use of colour which is carefully layered with cool, calming hues.

This book covers an introduction to tools, materials and techniques and then shows you 5 different step-by-step tutorials of a Still life with anemones, a winter landscape with mill, a townscape, figures on a beach and a coastal scene with fishing boats.

Watercolour Studio ISBN 1 85152 478 9 Reed International Books

If you can't get hold of this book featuring projects by Sidaway you can check out some of his other books 'Art Course Step-by-Step' ~ 'Watercolour Landscapes (the beginners guide)' ~ 'The Instant Artist' or 'Watercolour (Sunburst Art Series)'

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