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Books I Love ~ Watercolour ~ Heart & Soul

The fact that this book is on this list should come as no surprise to you as it is full to the brim with watercolours depicting old rusty and time-worn objects!

If you are already familiar with the work of British artist David Poxon, you will know that he has a passion for painting forgotten places and objects. In this book, you can enjoy a comprehensive collection of some of his best works as it features over 100 full colour images.

If you are like me and love looking at paintings to enjoy the textures and colours, then this book is for you! Every painting has such a tactile quality, that you just itch to place your fingernail under that edge of peeling paint and pick it off!

The book begins with David sharing some of his preparatory sketches, which beautifully demonstrate his thought process and how he develops ideas for his final compositions. These include hand written notes of ideas, thoughts, plans, even song lyrics and bits of objects stuck on with masking tape! Looking closely at these sketches you can see that this, is where he also thinks about colour and tonal values ~ both of which are key to the final composition. Looking at how he lays down tone and then removes areas using an eraser to create contrasting highlights really demonstrates how he almost sculpts the objects on the paper.

The bulk of the book leads you through a magnificent collection of his work, where you can enjoy all manner of rusty metal, abandoned vehicles and dilapidated buildings, plus the everyday objects, that so frequently, the average eye simply overlooks. Many of the paintings are also accompanied by interesting notes from the collectors of the work, plus insights from other artists and David himself. The whole book really gives an understanding of David’s work and what drives him to ‘collect’ and create these beautiful images.

Although this is not a ‘how to’ watercolour book, David gives the reader a good insight into his process; sharing his techniques and inspiration. If you have been painting for a number of years, you will be able to appreciate the techniques he uses and perhaps unpick some of the processes he has used. This in turn will help to inform how you approach your own work.

I find this book such an inspiration that it makes me want to reach for my paints and get going immediately!

Watercolour Heart & Soul ~ David Poxon 2018

ISBN: 978-1-909813-38-0

Size: 28x21cm Softback, 196 pages

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