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Christmas preparations!

Updated: Aug 11, 2022

About two years ago I bought a beautiful pair of white ice skates, much to the amusement of the lady selling them as I can't skate and I don't even think they were my size. I often pick up interesting objects at fairs and second hand stores knowing that one day I will use them in a painting or for one of my classes. I may not use them immediately but I do know I will use them one day!

I think some people think I'm a bit of a hoarder as I will quickly steal back bits of wrapping paper, ribbon, boxes etc once the gift has been unwrapped and they start to head for the bin. And as for biscuit tins and glass jars, well, I greedily gather them and accept donations with glee (even when the biscuit tin offered is empty!). Hower I digress ~ back to the ice skates. A few weeks ago I popped into the garden to visit my treasure cave of goodies (what I call the shed - but most would call a cabin). It was supposed to be my studio when we built it about 14 years ago but I filled it up with bits and bobs and books etc so there was no more room for me! I immediately dug out the skates and merrily spent an hour in the garden taking photographs of the skates in different positions and with different backgrounds and even the wisteria garland that I wove, whilst sitting on the veranda of the cabin (having mercilessly hacked it back earlier in the year ~ sadly I'm no gardener) on a sunny afternoon in lockdown. So today I am going through my collection of photos and having a play with a few ideas for my next painting which will be our Christmas 2020 offering. It would make a great illustration for a Christmas card or perhaps you could hand paint some mini versions onto gift tags for the very special people you love. I'm looking forward to sharing the painting lesson with you once I have finished the final painting and hope you will join me in a couple of weeks to have a go at this seasonal delight!

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Can't wait to paint the skates. Looking forward to next week's class.

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