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Free membership!

Did you know that if you sign up for membership at Tracey Bengeyfield Art you have immediate access to a range of watercolour projects for FREE?

It's TRUE! Once you are a member you will get access to a range of videos showing you how to create beautiful watercolour paintings. Each project comes with a photo resource, an outline drawing, a Step-By-Step worksheet with lots of hints and tips PLUS real time videos so you can paint along with me!

Requesting membership is really easy to do - take a look at this short video to see how.

Once you are a member you can also access the forum and share you work with other students. If you are loving your watercolour adventure you can always subscribe at any time and get full access to all of the videos for the duration of your subscription.

Happy Painting!

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A fantastic sight. Tracy is a wonderful teacher so easy to follow with expert tips.

Unknown member
Nov 23, 2022
Replying to

Thank you Maggie! So lovely to hear from you 🥰

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