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New Feature!

I’m so pleased to be sharing this news with you!

Late last year I was thrilled to be contacted by the editor of the SAA's Paint & Create magazine and asked to submit an article for the January edition. It turns out that after looking on my website, she had spotted my artichoke painting and ‘fell in love with it’.

This modern botanical was a project my in-person watercolour students studied a few years back - but it’s still one of my favourite pieces as I just love the colours and how they blend and mix together on the surface of the paper.

The technique for this one is all about blending your colours on the surface of the paper to create beautiful mixes. Each leaf (or bract) are painted separately so there's lots of opportunities to get the technique right!

If you’re a member of the SAA you might have already received your copy of the magazine and read the article or perhaps you've even given it a go! Here's a little look at the work of @foxynitta who posted her artichoke on Instagram earlier this week!

If you give this one a try, I would love to see your paintings on the members' forum.

If you’re not yet a member of the SAA - don’t worry! I’m currently working on updating the worksheets and making the videos which accompany this project.

Once ready, I hope to release them to the Online Watercolour School in the spring as one of my free projects to all members!

Here's a closer look at the article which takes you through each of the stages, step-by-step.

In the meantime I’m busy in the studio painting and preparing the next project for the Online Watercolour School. This one will have an architectural theme using ink pen and working onto dry to create an illustration style. So if botanicals just aren't your 'thing' I hope this one will be for you!

Happy Painting!

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Great news Tracey! Well done! 😊


Fabulous news. It’s great to see you in the SAA magazine and it feels like knowing a celebrity!

Unknown member
Jan 21, 2023
Replying to

😂 don’t think I’m quite there yet!


Debbie L.
Debbie L.
Jan 21, 2023

Congratulations- so pleased for you!


Congratulations Tracey!!

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