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Paint a snowdrop bookmark!

Updated: Aug 11, 2022

If you fancy painting one of these cute bookmarks, take a look at the full length video below.

I started out with a bit of commentry and then gave up part way through ~ mainly because I seemed to be competing with the washing machine in the background!

If you fancy having a try, you will need a little table salt to add the texture to the background.

I used the following colours:

Background Colours

Light blue ~ Cerrulean Blue

Pink ~ Quinacridone Rose

Dark Blue ~ Indanthrene Blue



Chromium Oxide

White Nights 'Green'


Cerrulean Blue ~ petals

Light Green ~ Olive Green ~ Sepal and top stem

Dark Green ~ White Nights 'Green' ~ Stems & Leaves

Chromium Oxide ~ Leaves

Indanthren Blue ~ Leaves

Remember ~ you can use any colour combinations you like ~ just don't forget to add the salt whilst the paint remains wet. If you decide to have a go ~ don't forget you can upload your painting to the members forum. Not a member yet? Just click on the 'log in' button and request membership! Happy Painting!

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