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Paint a taste of Summer!

Updated: Aug 11, 2022

It's nearly time to release the next painting project! In this one we are going to concentrate on creating a realistic image using layering to achieve rich, saturated colour.

To achieve the high shine, we will use masking fluid to reserve the hi-lights ~ so it's really important to make sure you have drawn your image accurately! A good tip is to draw the image larger than life so that you can work into the tiny details easier.

If you wanted to get a head start on this one, feel free to copy this photo! Alternatively, you might like to wait for the outline drawing which will be available with all the other accompanying materials on Monday.

In this photo montage you can see some of the stages you will work through to achieve the final image. We will start off with our palest colours. Then we will begin to create form by layering and blending darker colours over the top. To complete the painting we will layer again and use the 'glazing' technique to achieve the lovely deep colour.

There's so much to learn from this one as it will give the chance to try out multiple layers, using wet into wet and wet on dry techniques. You will also try your hand at 'lifting out' colour and get to grips with different blending techniques!

Although this project might take you a little longer than usual, it really is worth putting the time in as I know you will achieve fantastic results! I've labelled this one as three paintbrush for skill level ~ as those of you with more experience might even be challenged to get to grips with some of the blending techniques! However, even if you're a beginner this one is worth trying out as you will learn some really useful techniques!

Don't forget ~ if you try this one out, why not share your work on the members forum - I would love to see it!

Happy painting!

PS remember you can see more info on the upcoming painting projects if you take a look at the Instagram drop down in the menu bar, or why not follow me on Instagram for even more content ~ including 'reels' which are short videos of some of the techniques that are used ~ including hints and tips.

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