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Are you getting your 5 a day?

If you can't seem to get enough fruit into your diet, then this new watercolour project will definitely inject some! There is an old saying 'you are what you eat' but in this case I think we could say 'you eat what you paint'! After painting lots of fruit for this project I did actually go out and purchase a Cantaloupe and a Honeydew melon! Delicious!! However this painting phenomenon has also worked when we painted the macarons, the fruit tart and as for the number of cream teas (a watercolour project from before the online school) I may have lost I suffer for my art!

In this project we will return to the 'direct brush' method to create and paint our fruit medley. Each individual fruit slice will only take minutes to paint so if you only have an hour to spare, you should be able to squeeze some painting time in!

In this project I'm going to encourage you to get your creative hat on ~ as you can decide upon the scale, composition and overall theme of your painting. If you just like citrus fruits you can just do them! If you like the colour orange you could just complete the orange ones! If you would like a whole page of just one fruit ~ you go ahead! If you would like a large painting filled with all the fruits ~ you can do this too! There are hundreds of ways you can adapt these individual paintings to create your own version.

You might like to create a fruit jumble or even organise the shapes into rows and label them! Remember you can also use the whole shape or have some of the fruit disappearing off the edge. You can also cut your fruit into halves or quarters...the choice is yours!

To take this one step further you might like to adapt some of the techniques to recreate fruit of your own choice and make a whole rainbow. There's nothing stopping you ~ including using vegetables too - go for it!

I will take you through three different versions of fruit slices ~ 'Citrus', 'Melon' and 'Tropical'. All you need to do is select your favourites and get painting!

Take a look at this short video to find out more.

These illustration style paintings would look great in a kitchen or breakfast room or if you're feeling really creative you could even design your own fabric. If you're a whizz with a sewing machine you could turn these fantastic fruits into cushion covers, napkins, tea towels or more. Whatever you decide to do with them, they will certainly brighten up any corner!

Happy painting!

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