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Eric Ravillious

Updated: Aug 11, 2022

I just wanted to pop on today just in case you fancy a little last minute trip out this weekend to see an exhibition of some works by the artist who we are looking at in our next painting project!

The exhibition is being held in Winchester at The Arc Gallery ~ Apologies for the short notice but I didn't even know it was on until I saw it on an advert on Instagram, this week! Strangely it seems that when I plan out our projects (usually a year in advance), quite frequently I find that there is often an exhibition on or about to start or a book which gets published or the work appears in newspapers/magazines, - spooky!!

Unfortunately this weekend is your last chance - so if you're a fan you will need to make a day of it and have a drive down to Hampshire! You can find out more here:

Ravillious was a fantastic British artist who lived and worked in Sussex in the early 1900's, recreating some beautiful scenes from our iconic coastline. He was also an official war artist, a profession which ultimately took his life. When you look at his work you will see that he stylized shapes and built up tone through layering colour using a beautifully muted palette. His painting style is quite unique as he translated many of the ideas and techniques from his printmaking background into his watercolour paintings.

When we look at his work next week, we will be studying a landscape called 'The Windmill' (which is in a private collection). This project will involve really thinking about our use of colour and mark-making techniques.

I hope you enjoy it!

have a fab weekend

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