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Happy New Year!

Updated: Aug 11, 2022

2021 has been long awaited and yet, with a blink of an eye, we appear to be nearly a week in already!

I just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone for sticking with me through 2020 and to send a warm 'welcome back' to everybody, (and if you're new, thank you so much for becoming part of our growing community). I hope you are all looking forward to another term (or indeed year if your a glutton for punishment and can think that far ahead) of watercolour fun! Last year saw quite a lot of changes for the business, particularly with our swift move to online classes in lieu of the physical classes. The technology has definitely been a challenge for everyone at times - including me!

Probably the biggest change and indeed, challenge for me, was the rebranding of the business from 8 years of Welcome to the Drawing Room to the new Tracey Bengeyfield Art site. I must say, that it has been great to have the hundreds of hours of work I spent fiddling about on the computer in the background, rewarded with a lot of lovely, positive feedback about the new website! I hope that as a community we will continue to get to grips with it even more this year and make the most of the new features.

Don't forget ~ you can get in touch with other members through the forum and let others know what you've been up to. More importantly, you also now have a platform to celebrate your wonderful paintings! Remember, you can show your appreciation and 'like' other paintings that are featured by clicking on the love heart icon. Don't underestimate the power of the 'like' feature ~ it's amazing how the tinniest bit of positivity can make you feel good about your work and spur on your own creativity and enthusiasm!

Remember too, to look out for news and features here on the blog! As the year progresses I will be adding more hints & tips and other ramblings, which I hope will make you feel more connected (particularly if you are used to catching up with me in the physical classes) and I hope it will make you feel that you have a place to come to if you're feeling a little bit lost or at a loose end. Sadly, this may well be, all too true over the next few weeks as we go back into a national lockdown. But remember ~ we can get through this together. Sometimes, all it takes is to remind ourselves to be thankful for all the little things we have got and art is definitely one of those things that I know helped me through 2020 and will keep me going through 2021! Art (of any kind) is such a great way to fill your time and take your mind off your worries, so I hope you will come to think of the website as a bit of a retreat and a safe place to free your mind and spirit!

So here's to 2021 ~ Happy Painting!

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