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'tis the Season to Get Painting!

It may only be November but the holiday season is well and truly underway! Why not start the festivities with these super cute illustrations?! They're fun and quick to paint and what's more, you can jazz them up and get as creative as you like.

Don't worry ~ if you don't celebrate Christmas, there are still a few winter warmers for you to try! The hot chocolate mug is just right for a post, winter walk warm up! Why not go for it and team it with a little gingerbread too!

Remember, this is not the season to hold back! Why not alter the colours to match your own Christmas decorations or embellish them with different patterns! You can even let loose with metallic watercolours or pens to add a little bit of seasonal sparkle!

As it is the season for giving why not pop them onto gift tags, design your own Christmas cards or even add a frame for a cute tree gift.

If you would like to know more about this fun & festive project, take a peek at this short video!

If you're short on time - there's no need to paint them all - just click on the one you fancy and get painting! Or perhaps just pick one design and repeat it using different colour ways.

Go on! Great creative this winter and don't forget to share your ideas on the forum!

Wishing you a Happy Christmas!

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